The company LLC “Leader-Tuning” offers a full spectrum of services on: design, manufacture, Restorative repair, assembling and finishing of molds and dies. the possibility of hardening, nitriding, applying chromium on the surface of working molds. And: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing of aluminum, cast iron and various types of steels. manufacturing of hull units and various […]

SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) – pre-impregnated with thermosetting resins, thickened, glass-filled compound. The method of direct hot pressing from flowable prepregs (SMC technology) allows to produce products of complex geometry in medium and large series (from 10,000 products per year). The starting material is SMC prepreg – fibrous press material. Prepreg is processed into final […]

Pressing is one of methods, used for polymers processing, including for glass-fiber plastic products manufacturing. Pressing includes the following: charging of the material into the press mould, the material transformation into viscoplastic state under the temperature, forming of the product under the pressure and fixation of the product in the given configuration as a result […]

At spraying method a fiber-glass filament is delivered to the gun cutters, where it is cut in short fibers. Then in the air short fibers are mixed with a stream of resin and catalytic agent and applied on the mould. After chopped roving application it is to be rolled on to remove air pockets from […]

At contact moulding method a glass-reinforced material is placed into the mould and soaked with resin manually by means of a brush and rollers. Rolling-on is carried out to remove air pockets from the laminate and to distribute resin equally on the whole surface. Laminate cure is performed at standard room temperature, after that the […]

Glass-reinforced material is placed on the matrix in the form of preliminary prepared patterns. Then a stamping punch is set and forced to the matrix by clamps. Resin is supplied into the mould cavity under the designed pressure. To facilitate the resin pass through the material a vacuum in the mould is used. When resin […]