Spraying method

At spraying method a fiber-glass filament is delivered to the gun cutters, where it is cut in short fibers. Then in the air short fibers are mixed with a stream of resin and catalytic agent and applied on the mould. After chopped roving application it is to be rolled on to remove air pockets from laminate. Rolled-on material is left for cure at ordinary atmospheric conditions.

Materials applied:

  1. RESINS: polyether mainly.
  2. FIBERS: only fiber-glass filament in the form of roving.
  3. FILLING MATERIAL: any, styrol-proof (placed manually).

Main advantages:

  1. It is widely used for many years.
  2. Fast application of fibers and resins.
  3. Cheap moulds.

Main disadvantages:

  1. Laminate tends to be rich with resin and therefore it is too heavy.
  2. There are only short fibers which limited mechanical characteristics of laminate.
  3. Resins shall be of low viscosity to provide its spraying (it causes its mechanical characteristics and heat-resistance reduction).