“Leader-Tuning” company manufactures glass-fiber plastic bodies for “Togliatti Transformator” Ltd.

LiAZ-5256 bus design has been developed in 1982. Disadvantages as well as full inadequacy for work as an urban bus have aggravated LiAZ-5256 problems. Only a variety of measures, taken by practically renewed “LiAZ” enterprise allows LiAZ-5256 returning back to the Russian market of urban buses. Along with import power unit installation with Caterpillar-3126 diesel […]

  “Leader-Tuning” company has manufactured a front trolley-bus body, a rear trolley-bus body, bumpers and seat base made of glass-fiber plastics for “Megapolis” and “OPTIMA” trolley-buses. These trolley-bus models represent the new generation of urban transport and manufactured by OJSC “Trolleybusny Zavod” of Engels in Saratov region. Trolley-buses TROLZA-5265 “Megapolis” and TROLZA 5275-05 “OPTIMA” are […]

  “Leader-Tuning” manufactures glass-fiber plastic outer lining and inner finishing of compartments for “Super-Spectr” 71-403 tramway cars, manufactured by FSUE “Uraltransmash” in Yekaterinburg. “Super-Spectr” is a car with high-level reliability, efficiency and comfort and glass-fiber plastic lining manufactured by our company makes it recognizable in the city streets. Tramway cars of this series successfully operate […]

Our company manufactures glass-fiber plastic products of large dimensions such as “Rusich” metro train screens, manufactured by Mytischi plant “Metrowagonmash”. Moscow metro also changes to trains of this series. These trains are more effective, spacious than previous ones and look modern because of our glass-fiber plastic products. Among screens our company manufactures also vandal-proof seats […]