Contact moulding method

 Метод контактного формования

At contact moulding method a glass-reinforced material is placed into the mould and soaked with resin manually by means of a brush and rollers. Rolling-on is carried out to remove air pockets from the laminate and to distribute resin equally on the whole surface. Laminate cure is performed at standard room temperature, after that the product is withdrawn from the mould and machined.

Materials applied:

  1. RESINS: any (for example, epoxide, polyether; vinyl ether).
  2. FIBERS: any.
  3. FILLING MATERIAL: any, proof against the used resins.

Main advantages:

  1. It is widely used for many years.
  2. Simplicity of the procedure.
  3. Inexpensive instruments are used, if resins cured at room temperature are applied.
  4. Wide selection of suppliers and materials.
  5. Higher content of glass filling material and fibers are longer comparing with the chopped roving spraying method.